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This is where is all began! One soap bar to help a need we had in our family.  We now offer many yummy soap bars both stock and seasonal.  Each one is unique, with the highest quality oils and botanicals we can get our hands on and whip into the best soap bars that leave you feeling clean and hydrated.

Granola Girl (Oats, Milk & Honey) - phthalate free fragrance oil with goats milk, oats, sunflower, palm, palm kernel, coconut, castor and cocoa butter, honey, fragrance

Clean Boyfriend (Fresh & Clean Unisex scent)-phthalate free fragrance oil, cocoa butter, palm, coconut, sunflower, palm kernel, indigo powder, castor

Calendula Lavender- 100% pure lavender essential oil, calendula extract, sunflower, coconut, calendula petals, palm, palm kernel, jojoba, rice bran, castor

 Rose Tea- Rose Absolute, Sunflower, Rosehip Seed, palm, palm kernel, coconut, castor, rose absolute, phthalate free fragrance

Birchwood Oud- phthalate free fragrance, sunflower, coconut, palm, palm kernel, castor, shea butter titanium dioxide, black oxide 

Tea Tree- Sunflower, palm, coconut, palm kernel, castor, pure tea tree essential oil

Happy Hippie (Orange Patchouli) Sunflower, Palm, Palm Kernel, coconut, castor, Cocoa Butter, Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Dark Patchouli Essential Oil, Cedrius (orange) Clay

Seaberry- Topped with botanicals of cornflower, calendula, rose the scent is uplifting and airy.  Sunflower, Palm, Coconut, castor, Shea Butter, Lime Essential Oil, Lemongrass Essential Oil


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