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Charcoal and Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Facial Bar

This mineral rich charcoal and sea mud cleansing bar will deeply detoxify, refine pores, exfoliate and hydrate skin. Perfect for blemished or stressed out skin. Rich sea minerals and charcoal give this bar it's dark color, which becomes white, foamy, cleansing, bubbles that restore and clarify your skin. Cleansing and reducing pore size, banishing blackheads and dead skin cells.  An amazing blend of skin loving olive and dandelion root will soothe and  gently restore PH balance. Tea Tree and lavender are invigorating and healing, leaves your face feeling fresh, clean and bright.

Great for all skin types, Effective in removing blackheads and dead skin cells


Suggested use: Dampen soap bar and gently lather, then splash water to rinse which stimulates oxygen and cleanses face. Splash rinse 10-20 times to ensure a good rinse. Pat dry with clean, soft towel. 


Olive, Coconut, Cocoa Butter, Aloe, Charcoal, sea clay, titanium dioxide, mineral pigment, oat extract, dandelion root, tea tree, lavender

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