Granola Girl Soap Bar

The incredible scent of Oats, Milk and honey is such a soothing and happy essence. Each note is subtle and beautiful.  Organic Olive and Goats Milk are a dynamic duo of hydration. Top it off with a nice helping of organic, fair trade cacao butter and ... can we get an Ahhhhh Maaazzzing finish! Gently exfoliates skin with oat powder and does not leave a residue! Boy do I wish we had scratch and sniff circles on your screen.

What makes this special you ask? A Yummy Apology soaps leave in the good and never add the bad.  See most soaps remove the naturally occurring glycerin. Why??? Well, because glycerin is worth more on its own. We leave that little gem in our soaps, we also add luxury organic oils and butters like cocoa butter that give it that something extra. You will feel the difference! Goats Milk, well lets talk about the vitamin D that is so rich and creamy and skin loving! So yes, our soaps are superior and toot toot goes our little horns!


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