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Essential Oils Pure- Grapefruit

Yummy Life Naturals 100% PURE Grapefruit (Pink) Essential Oil.  Uplifting, balancing, antibacterial, stress reducing, curbs inflammation, mood booster, immune booster,antioxidant, anticarcinogenic and aids in digestion.

Uses Several drops in diffuser, 1/2 drops on our aromatherapy bracelets, apply to skin by diluting/mixing in plant oils.

Also provides phytochemicals that reduce oxidative stress to skin. One of its main constituents is limonene which is known as a tumore fighting cancer preventative, as well as high levels of Vitamin C

Add a few drops to water, add to plant oil and apply to skin (do not use directly on skin), diffuse for up to 2 hours a day for an uplift in mood and refresh room as a pet oder fighter. 

Keep away from children, do not use if pregnant or nursing, discontinue if irritation occurs.

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