One Botanical Face Serum

Natural, Organic plant oils and botanical extracts. Only the highest quality ingredients are used in this Multi Correctional Serum. Free of harmful chemicals and not tested on animals. Great for dehydrated, mature skin, sensitive skin, blemish prone skin. Available in unscented or a combination of other essential oil blends. ONE Botanical serum blend is full of skin loving anti-oxidants that restore balance and clarity. The vitamins and minerals  stimulate cellular turnover that help your skin maintain elasticity and protect against free radicals.

Quickly absorbs into skin leaving your face supple and hydrated all day, all night without feeling greasy.

The only ONE serum you need! Amazing skin benefits. 

Reduces Acne

Increases Blood Flow


Cell Renewal



Lighten and Brighten

Damage/wrinkles/clogged pores/detox

Hydrate and refresh

sun protection

Suggested Use: Use morning and night after cleansing. May be used in accord with moisturizer or alone. Only a few drops needed. Long lasting!

A proprietary blend of of the highest quality ingredients sources from around the world. Cold pressed

or steam distilled extraction and certified organic producers. 

Phthalate Free

Petro Free

Paraben Free

Cruelty Free


Ingredients: Camillia, primrose, hazelnut,avocado, grapeseed,calendula,vitamin E, calendula,carrot seed, Argan, raspberry, pomegranite, Yuzu and lightly blended essential oils

Argan Oil- when combined with pomegranate enhances antioxidizing benefits! High in vitamin E- non-greasy and provides a youthful glow, anit-aging, and restores elasticity.  Leaves skin feeling plumper, softer, acne free, anddepletes stretch marks. Contains phenols and does not clog pores.

Camellia Oil (Tea Seed Oil)- Non-greasy, an-ioxidant that repairs, is anit-aging, anti-microbial, cancer preventing agents, astrigent, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic.

Grapeseed-Acne prevention, tightens skin, dark circles, moistureize, wrinkle removal,hypo-allergenic, strengthens and repairs broken capillaries and blood vessels,improves circulation, spider veins, vericose veins, cancer prevention, wound repair.

Hazelnut- hydrating, UV protection, sensitive skin, flavinoids,anti-oxidant, youthful vibrant skin.

Carrot- carotene, moisture, Omega 9,6, & 3, anti-aging, anti-acne, removes toxins, freshens and firms.

Pomegranate- Stimulates "keratinocytes" the major cells found in the outer layer of skin, reverses skin damage, revives youthful appearance, fights free radicals with pumicic acid, contains Omega 5 fatty acid, anti-inflammatory, protects against sun damage, improves skin texture with a form of pro-estrogen which supports hormonal balance, collagen production and firming.

Yuzu- Eastern beauty secret, brightens skin with vitamin C

Raspberry- Sunscreen, vitamin E, carotenoids (vit A), omega 6 & 3, linoleic acid, anit-inflammatory, regenerates cell moisture, ellagic agents UV damage and may prevent skin cancer, phytosterols, anti-oxidants,promotes new collagen production, healthier, younger skin.

Avocado- Acne, moisture, healing

Calendula - (marigold)- moisture, healing, circulation, eczema, rosacea,anti-oxidant,wrinkles, age spots, scars, evens skin tone.

Primrose- acne, eczema,firms, balance

Rosehip- Vit E, Vit C, B-Carotene, Anit-aging, collagen production, reduce fine lines & wrinkles, moisture, combats sun damage, improves pigmenation, removes reddness & irritation, (rosacea), scars



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